We believe in the potential of people to push technology further

We are ENTER, a company which partakes in projects in the high tech industry. We believe in the power of technology. Technology reaches far and wide and makes life easier by increasing the possibilities of life. Think for a moment about the high tech areas and where technology plays a role, like healthcare, environment, automotive and aerospace. The focus lies herein in the development of products and services. Put shortly, we share your passion for technology and the opportunities it brings, which means new technological developments in our society!

People are the driving force behind technological developments, and that is why people are central to us. Specifially, you are central to us! You are our most important capital, we believe in you and in your capabilities. People have knowledge, and the combination of technology and human spirit is what binds us together. When you grow as an individual, we grow as a company. We put you in situations in which you can thrive. How? By listening attentively to you and your needs, supporting you and inspiring you through a personal approach. That is what we are really good at, so you can get the best out of yourself. Day in, day out. We are always involved in your development, so we know that you are in the right place. We believe that you perform better when you are enjoying yourself, when you can fully be yourself, and when you can develop yourself. That is the reason that we offer a wide choice of courses, training, and why we regularly hold technical seminars. Additionally, there is always time to relax through the many social events and activities we organize.

We work from 9 business units, where each has its own account manager which means there is always someone to reach out to for help. Together we form a community of technical professionals. Technology and innovation form our platform, and that applies to us, our colleagues, and also our partners. We work with the top high tech companies, and can offer a wide range of different technical projects. This is where we find the connection between people and technology. Our slogan is not ‘tech with a heartbeat’ for nothing, since we are a people company with our heart in the right place. And that heart always beats faster to the sound of technology!

ENTER Stands for:


Excellence in terms of quality and service. We don’t accept less. Driven by commitment to our customers. This is the foundation of long-term relationships built on trust. The result is that we can better respond to needs.


We are also fast but never take rushed decisions. We want to be sure that the solution we offer really helps the customer.

Brains and skills

ENTER supplies more than just ‘brains’. Our people have good communication skills, good command of English, perform well in a team, work according to planning and respond professionally to deadlines.

Short lines

ENTER speaks the language of the customer. On the work floor ‘from technician to technician’. And with supervisors and managers we speak your language, too. Via one and the same point of contact. Keeping the lines short.

Helping you to win

Building a sustainable lead. That is what our customers want in the highly competitive, high tech global marketplace. We shape our service based on this notion. With knowledge and expertise ready to help build and sustain a leading position. We monitor new developments closely, in part by closely collaborating with universities and other knowledge institutes. And by giving our customers access to the network of knowledge within ENTER.

ENTER has not only good System Testers, they also coach and develop their employees in a good way.
ENTER knows what is going on and is truly involved with us as a customer and in the personal development of their employees.

Barbara Collette - Department Manager @Philips Healthcare