Technical Meeting ENTER

Technical Meeting ENTERWe hosted our technical meeting for all business units on Tuesday 20th November.

On Tuesday November 20th we organised another interesting technical evening for all colleagues.

We are a people-driven organization and therefore we regularly organise collaboration events. The goal of these meetings is to meet and connect with fellow professionals within the ENTER community to broaden your horizon and learn from each other. This was also the main theme of the interactive meeting of 20th November.

We started the evening with food, drinks and off course the opportunity to catch up with colleagues. The kick-off of the evening was given by the Operational Director with an update about ENTER. Following this update we had some interesting topics on the agenda; an ENTER engineer who works as Quantum System Engineer at QuTech, gave a presentation about Quantum Computing, another ENTER colleague who works as Biomedical Engineer at Imec, talked about two studies at Lowlands last summer (heartbeat synchronization and alcohol determination by eye movements) and there was an interactive challenge to improve quality by innovative and creative thinking hosted by one of our colleagues.

After the last speaker there was plenty of time to have a drink and chat with your colleagues and learn more about the project they are currently working on.

Check out the following collage to see our impression of the evening.