Daan Breider

Avatar daan

Since when have you been working at ENTER?

Since March 2019.

What do you do at ENTER? / What is your job position?

I am Account Manager for Technology at ENTER. I work from our office in Delft, and my daily job is coaching our employees who work on-site at our customers. I also spend a lot of time interacting with our customers and prospects in the hightech industry, discussing potential vacancies for our engineers.

What motivates you to do this job?

Because I work with people daily, every assignment is different. Candidates, employees and customers all have their own needs, stories and experiences. I am the person linking all this together, and this motivates me every day. Through coaching, you see your employees develop in their careers, continuously improving the match with ENTER and the customer. That combination makes me like my job so much.

What are you proud of (work-related)?

Linking employees to the right assignment, helping them to be happy in their work.

What do you like most about working at ENTER?

The diversity and freedom that my job provides. I interview candidates, meet with customers and prospects to discuss new projects and job openings, and coach employees. My role is truly 360 degrees.

Tell something about yourself that no-one would expect of you.

At least once a year, I go back to basics, camping in the Ardennes or the Eifel mountains. Just me and my backpack, into the woods for an enjoyable, challenging hike.