Patrick van Noort

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Since when have you been working at ENTER?

Since May 2012.

What do you do at ENTER? / What is your job position?

I am the Business Unit Manager at the office in Delft. This means that I am responsible for the operations at this branch and I supervise and coach a team of colleagues. I am also commercially responsible for a number of customers in the Randstad.

What motivates you to do this job?

I get a lot of energy from the diversity in my job. The combination of commerce, recruitment and coaching ensures that no two days are the same. In addition, I think the high-tech market is the most beautiful domain there is – to be part of tomorrow's innovation. And last but not least: working with people and supporting them in their personal development provides a lot of satisfaction.

What are you proud of (work-related)?

Nine years ago, they asked me to start up the branch in Delft. We had no office, no customers (well, just the one) and no staff. At first, I was the only one there, it was quite challenging to build everything from zero. When I look at where we are now, with such a driven team in Delft, our valued colleagues in the field and all our wonderful customers, I am very proud.

What do you like most about working at ENTER?

My colleagues, without a doubt. There’s a great sense of cooperation, both at the office in Delft and with the colleagues in Eindhoven.

Tell something about yourself that no-one would expect of you.

That I have been a dog tax inspector.