Immediately when graduating with an MSc in Electrical Engineering (specializing in Neurotechnology and Biomechatronics) my vision was clear: I wanted to work in healthcare. This would allow me to truly contribute to people’s lives and their quality of life. However, I did not know what role would suit my strengths and ambitions. During my interview with ENTER they really listened to me and my ideas. When ENTER suggested a role as Test Engineer at Philips Healthcare I immediately felt: this project is a great fit! Within two years, I grew from Junior to Senior Test Engineer.  ENTER’s ISTQB training (both Foundation Level and Test Analyst) has certainly helped in reaching this goal.

ENTER’s network in the high tech industry has been of great value. It offered me the chance to visit a colleague for a day to learn more about her project. During the year ENTER organizes many events which are always informal and fun to attend. There it is really easy to speak with colleagues and to learn about their work and insights. This always shows me how much more there is left to discover.

Anja - “The freedom to voice my visions”

Growing up in Ghana, I moved to Italy for my Bachelor studies in computer engineering. Later I moved to Eindhoven to obtain my Master degree in embedded systems. Technology has led me to great places around the world so far. I therefore consider myself a true tech nomad. At ENTER, they understand this passion for technology and they have my back. I do not just work on challenging technical projects. Through ENTER’s career guidance, courses and technical events I grow both as an engineer and as a person.

Freshly graduated, finding a job myself in the Netherlands was challenging. ENTER’s network and active support, for instance in helping my prepare for job interviews, ensured I quickly found a suitable project. There I meet other ENTER colleagues on a daily basis, even though we are not part of the same team. Other colleagues I see at the various ENTER events some of which are simply a lot of fun to attend. Others offer me a great chance to learn more about the latest developments in the tech industry and to meet with like-minded software engineers.

Evans - “This tech nomad’s got his back covered”

I first learned about ENTER at the TU/e career fair. After graduating Biomedical Engineering the year after that, I reached out to them. At the Career Lunch that I was invited to I immediately felt at home. There was no need for me to look any further; ENTER was the right fit for me. Recently graduated, I was not sure what I wanted to do exactly. ENTER has been a great help in getting a clear picture. Their attention to personal development ensures that I can further develop. After all, just because you finished your studies does not mean you are done learning. So much of your learning is done on the job. ENTER has really supported me in this, also by means of the courses they offer. I could immediately apply those tips in practice. This has allowed me to grow from a fresh graduate to a young professional.

Rick - “I can be myself”

At ENTER I had the chance to learn more about a new environment, a new sector and a new role. ENTER supported me in this transition and offered me the freedom to explore and develop myself further. They really listened to me and supported me in finding a challenge that matches my goals and ambitions. To me it is very important to take a on a role with a positive societal impact. And I can proudly say at that Philips Healthcare I can make such contributions.

I experience time and real attention for my personal development at ENTER. Most definitely, I am not a number here. When I bought a new house and went to pick up the key, ENTER’s card was already waiting for me on the doormat.

I consider myself a rather introvert person. Yet, it is easy to get in touch with other ENTER colleagues. At every ENTER event you have time to speak with your colleagues. Sometimes you learn about a shared passion or interest. Such as a fun conversation about Lego Technic after which I bought the Apollo V rocket.

Rutger - “The freedom to explore”

My conscious, proactive and strategic initiative of moving into the family of ENTER, a year ago, despite my initial inhibitions, has ultimately yielded rich dividends in the form of invaluable support and encouragement that was bestowed on me professionally as well as personally. I am about to complete a year and very delighted with my work in which I work with a creative and diverse environment collaborating with industrial partners from over the world.

Pradeep - Process Development Engineer @Holst Centre

Roth & Rau has been working with ENTER for years.
ENTER is a good partner to do business with. They collaborate and anticipate at the highest level in terms of employee detachment. They know perfectly what skills and experience a Roth & Rau BV employee must have. The match is good, and that applies to both the cooperation and the candidates that are detached to us via ENTER.

Monique van den Bogaard - Sr. HR Advisor @Roth & Rau

ENTER offers courses in communication skills. Very useful in my daily work, in particular for getting on the same level with the non-technical people like managers.

Marco - Equipment Engineer @ASML

My nanotechnology PhD in Nijmegen had come to an end. My bags were packed and I was about to return to Ukraine when ENTER invited me to an interview. There was directly a click. Within a week I had a contract and ENTER took care of my Dutch residence permit. Now I’ve been working for four years where my heart lies. At ASML. A dream came true.

Serhiy - Development Engineer @ASML

I’ve got a really great workplace, but I like to keep my options open. ENTER is the ideal springboard for me to take on new challenges when I’m ready for them.

Dirk - Software Designer @TomTom

TomTom needs strong partners like ENTER; they supply us good people who collaborate with us and are quickly operational at TomTom.

Hans Aerts - VP Software engineering @TomTom

For me ENTER is a great network in which I can find my own way. I chose the company I wanted to work for and didn’t feel forced one way or the other.

Francisco - Process Development Engineer @Holst Centre

At ENTER you are not a number, but a colleague. The atmosphere is personal and informal. Everyone at the office knows me and is there for me. I have good contacts with the employees that work for other customers.

Serena - System Test Engineer @ASML

ENTER knows the technology business through and through, and saw straightaway what I was after when I told them what my ambitions were. I now have exactly the specialist, managerial job that suits me.

Ronald - Groepsleider R&D @B/E Aerospace

ENTER has not only good System Testers, they also coach and develop their employees in a good way.
ENTER knows what is going on and is truly involved with us as a customer and in the personal development of their employees.

Barbara Collette - Department Manager @Philips Healthcare

During my previous job, I found out that my interest is mainly in short research projects where I can apply my knowledge in material science. After a positive interview and signing a contract with ENTER, I could start at Philips Research where I am working now almost for two years. During those two years I have worked on several projects.

Maartje - Researcher @Philips Healthcare

ENTER has good customer contacts and understands my competences and skills. My whole application process took no longer than five days including a weekend! On Thursday I applied for a vacancy through the ENTER website, and after interviews with ENTER and their partner, I started working for ENTER five days after I sent my application. I’m working for eight months already with pleasure in this position.

Jack - Process Development Engineer @Holst Centre

ENTER pays much attention to human skills and professional competences. As a result I'm now in a nice place where I’m challenged and where I can develop myself. At TomTom, I experience a lot of fun in my work; it's very tangible and contains plenty of challenges.

Rick - Software Designer @TomTom

After finishing my master in Electrical Engineering with a minor towards the healthcare sector, ENTER offered me a job. Since then, I have been working at IMEC on a variety of projects that fit perfectly with my background and ambition. 

Patrick - Electrical Engineer @IMEC

I'm an ENTER employee, working as a Test Engineer at TNO Powertrains in Helmond. The position is a good match between theory and practice in the automotive sector. My skills and competences fit this job very well.

Jarno - Test Engineer @TNO

ENTER assigned me to a project at Bosch. In this position I can combine my interests and skills very well. I developed myself in my current job which I am really enjoying. In this role I focus on technical customer communication, and together with my team I am responsible to deliver the product we are developing to the customer.

Wai Kam - Application Engineer @Bosch

Working for ENTER at TomTom Automotive Custom Systems (CS) in Eindhoven as a Configuration Manager (CM) is a surprisingly varied and dynamic job. The clue is in the name “Custom Systems”. CS projects involve the customization of the TomTom software to allow it to be integrated in the software systems of many major automotive companies such as Fiat, Renault and Peugeot and more recently Subaru and Mitsubishi in Asia. The software runs on a variety of platforms such as Windows CE, Linux and Android. The CM work includes defining the release baselines, maintaining the various software build environments and ensuring that the TomTom software attains and maintains the highest quality level possible.

Rob - Configuration Manager @TomTom

After discussions with several employers, I concluded that ENTER is genuinely interested in who I am and what I want. For me this was a decisive factor in my choice for ENTER. I am convinced that they, like no other, are able to find a suitable position that perfectly matches your wishes and ambitions.

Jeroen - Application Engineer @Bosch Transmission Technology

After my first contact with ENTER my career came into a landslide. After a couple of days I've been introduced at TNO Automotive and got a job offer later that day. All this was realized within a short amount of time, how rare is that!

Kwinten - Test Engineer @TNO Automotive

After studying Aerospace Engineering I wanted to start working as soon as possible. I started at ENTER. Due to their efficient way of working, I could start after two weeks at Bosch. The position is very interesting and covers all aspects that I consider important: challenging work, excellent guidance of my colleagues and team leader and a relaxed but focused working atmosphere.

Thomas - Product Engineer @Bosch Transmission Technology

After I finished the Biomedical Engineering, I found out that many companies are still not familiar with this program. ENTER however, was immediately enthusiastic about Biomedical Engineering. After a good conversation at the ENTER office there was immediately a good click. Eventually I started on a project at Bosch Transmission Technology and I was able to show my qualities. Now I'm already three years with ENTER, enjoying my work every day.

Sander - Process Development Engineer @Bosch Transmission Technology

Right from the start, I felt at home at ENTER. Recently graduated, I didn’t know what I wanted exactly but ENTER has helped me to get the picture clear. 

Rick - “I can be myself”

At ENTER they really understand my passion for technology and they have my back: here I grow as an engineer and as a person.

Evans - “This tech nomad’s got his back covered”

ENTER found me a project that truly matches with my experience and ambitions. They enabled me to grow from Junior to Senior Test Engineer within two years.

Anja - “The freedom to voice my visions”

At ENTER I could start in a new environment, in a new sector and a new role. I get the freedom to explore and to develop myself further.

Rutger - “The freedom to explore”