ENTER Traineeship

An ENTER Traineeship is a real Technical Talent Fast Track:

  • Challenging, technical projects at the top 100 high tech companies in the Netherlands;
  • A perfect mix of building a focused track record while you take look around at various companies, domains and industries;
  • Thanks to our network and vast knowledge of our clients and their competencies, we can find you projects that perfectly suit your talents and ambitions;
  • You get full access to the ENTER Academy, with 1-on-1 coaching, a Talent Scan and a unique course offering;
  • You are part of the ENTER team and the network of ambitious ENTER colleagues!

How do you know which job is right for you?

Determining where to work and which job is right for you is a tough task right after graduation. But you know this much: you want to work in a high tech environment that allows you to grow and live up to your ambitions. Now that you have obtained your degree, you are ready to hit the ground running. You want to apply your knowledge, see the results of your work, learn more and – perhaps most important – grow further. But do you exactly know in which direction you want to steer your career? And what kind of working environment suits you best? Committing to a job is therefore hard, and keeping your options open for a while seems quite attractive. But, how do you then ensure that employers still see a clear development track and don’t consider you to be a “job hopper”?

Do you recognize these questions and considerations? Then the ENTER Traineeship might be the perfect opportunity for you! Over the course of three years, it allows you to complete two to three and challenging technical projects at the top 100 high tech companies in the Netherlands. These are carefully selected to match your personal development goals. In these projects, you actively contribute from day one and therefore immediately see results of your work. You complete these projects at the partner’s site which allows you to take a close look around. This way, you could gain experience at companies like Philips, NXP, ASML, Bosch, TNO or Océ. Quite the start to a promising career!

Trainees have full access to the ENTER Academy

ENTER supports and facilitates you to develop to your greatest potential. We do this by sharing our network with you. For over 15 years, we have been building relations with our clients. We understand their business and know their working environments. This enables us to accurately select the project that is right for you. Direct lines of communication with our clients allow us to quickly contact the right people which further speeds up the process.
Have you started working on a project? Then your ENTER manager actively supports you by visiting you on a regular basis. You then also determine together which courses and training support your personal development plan. Of course, we take care that you join all relevant soft skill and technical courses offered within the ENTER Academy. But is it also possible to take a highly specialized training that is not part of our standard offer. Your manager is your personal career coach and together you decide on a unique development package. After all, at ENTER we believe that our colleagues should be fully supported to further develop their personal and technical skills. We therefore also give you a Talent Scan. This results in an independent and clear report with your personal profile, that outlines your talents and opportunities for further growth. A useful guideline during your ENTER Traineeship.

What you will be doing during your ENTER Traineeship

Every ENTER Traineeship is a Technical Talent Fast Track and offers full access to the ENTER Academy. At the same time, every ENTER Traineeship is different and uniquely designed for you. With projects and working environments that allow you to live up to your full potential. Within ENTER these are organized in several Business Units: Applications, Chemical, Electronics, Embedded, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Physics, Production Development and System Test & Integration. You can opt to complete your ENTER Traineeship within a single Business Unit, but it is also possible to switch between these technical domains. Your ENTER manager is there to help you in making the choice that is best for you.

Your colleagues

Being an ENTER Trainee means you have direct access to the ENTER colleague network. You meet them at Technical Meetings – where you can discuss the latest tech trends – but also at the many ‘fun’ events that we organize. Every year there is a bbq, a Christmas dinner, we go go-kart racing, pub quizzing and we visit the Efteling. This last event is a family day, meaning that you can bring your partner and/or family to join in on the ENTER fun. All your colleagues are highly educated engineers with a Bachelor, Master, PDEng, or PhD degree. And while you will have many Dutch colleagues, we do have over 35 nationalities on our team already.

Who do we look for?

Becoming an ENTER Trainee of course starts with a Bachelor, Master or higher degree with a strong grade point average in the fields of electrotechnology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace or a similar field. ENTER Trainees wish to bring out the best in themselves and others. They love to learn on the job and dive head first into technology in order to find solutions to tomorrow’s questions. They only need a short period of training on the job before they get started. They are curious: for new technologies, new working environments and new colleagues. Their communicative nature enables them to quickly understand a problem and to feel right at home in a new environment. In short, ENTER Trainees are ready for a Technical Talent Fast Track.

After your ENTER Traineeship?

After an ENTER Traineeship there still is a wide range of career options available to you. Staying at ENTER and taking on more challenging projects is certainly one of them. But perhaps you wish to look for another challenge elsewhere, or you wish to stay at one of our partners. No matter your choice, you have built an impressive CV with the ENTER Traineeship in which you show that you successfully take on complicated technical projects, gained experience at the top 100 high tech firms in the country, and have invested in your personal growth.


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