Sensor Engineer

Are you looking for a rewarding future in one of today's most exciting technologies? As a Sensor Engineer you will focus on the assembly and characterization of new (chemical) sensor technologies that are disruptive, either in size, power consumption or selectivity. You take part in the development of the next generation ultra-low-power wireless sensor solutions in the internet of things (IoT) domain, specifically to assess water quality. New sensor technologies are one of the key enablers to realize the full potential of IoT. Early deployment will test real-life requirements at an early stage and as such speed up development time.

Job description

  • Prepare sensor prototypes (assembly, drop-casting of thin sensor membranes)
  • Setup and conduct test protocols
  • Characterization of sensor prototypes (sensitivity, range, limit of detection and lifetime) and reporting the results
  • Real-life validation of the prototypes, outside the lab environment in the field and customer location
  • Use of statistical tools to evaluate sensor performance from lab and field test, and optimize manufacturing procedure.

Job requirements

  • Function BSc or MSc degree in relevant technical study (Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry, etc.)
  • Proven can-do attitude, coming up with practical working solutions is a must
  • Entrepreneurial and self-starting
  • Knowledge of the use of experimental design and statistics for planning and analyzing experiments is preferred
  • Knowledge of common electrochemical techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, potentiostatic and galvanostatic methods will be preferred


Ingrid van Gerwen:


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