Working at ENTER means: developing yourself through challenging projects at leading companies in the high tech industry.

How do you want to develop? That’s what it is all about at ENTER. To help you realise your ambitions, advise and guide you on your career path. You can choose from a wide range of projects, each one of them a challenge, with coaching ‘on the job’. One-to-one, because we believe in the power of a personal approach. Everything is negotiable. Including terms and conditions of employment that can be adjusted to your needs and wishes.

ENTER continues to grow steadily and so we consciously monitor the human factor. Leading in our relationship with you is commitment, individual attention and investment in your development. These are good reasons to work in smaller teams, connected to specialist Business Units. Organised simply and clearly. With your own supervisor with whom you can spar on technical issues and who also serves as your career coach.

ENTER stands for:

1. Access to top projects
If you belong to the top, then you want to be where it’s happening in high tech. Especially not to miss anything and to have your say in innovations that matter. ENTER offers you these career opportunities as preferred supplier to top companies like ASML, Océ, Bosch, TNO, Philips and more.

2. Coaching
You are never alone at a customer. We coach you from A to Z in every project, beginning with a well prepared introductory interview. We take care of all the required formalities and you get around the table straightaway with someone you can really talk to. About content. Which is great. And you find out what is expected of you. Beforehand we will give you extensive information on the basis of our long-term relationship with the customer and his knowledge.

3. ENTER Development Programme
Your personal development is, as far as ENTER is concerned, not just your responsibility but ours as well. In short, a shared responsibility. On the basis of years of experience, we have developed the ENTER Development Programme for professionals. This programme offers you the chance to train your technical and personal skills at various levels, with the result that you always have the basis you need. 
Other training you can follow in the personal skills area include:

  • Personal assertiveness: you get tangible tips and exercises  that enable you to develop your assertiveness in the form of ‘training by doing’.
  • Personal effectiveness: training in which communication is the central component. What is powerful and effective communication? How do you profile yourself? What is your non-verbal communication? And how can you use communication to influence others?
  • Customer focus/Networking: training in customer-focused thinking and acting. What is ‘a customer’ exactly? How are you customer-focused? What are the signals you need to pick up? What is networking and what do you need for this? Who are you going to network with?
  • Result focus/Entrepreneurship: this training is fully geared to commercial and financial awareness, essential to good project management and entrepreneurship.

4. Development
For both experienced engineers and recent graduates ENTER is an excellent employer. As an experienced ENTER employee, you can accelerate your development. There’s always something to learn and ENTER can facilitate your growth. Our employees are the capital of our organisation; what is good for you as a professional is good for ENTER. So your development goes hand in hand with that of ENTER.

If you have just graduated, then you have ‘start card’ and are about to start your professional life. At ENTER your career get a kick-start. Very quickly you develop yourself both broadly and deeply through projects at different companies where you get to look behind the scenes. And in each new challenge you learn more about yourself. If practice reveals your need for more education or training, ENTER supports you. Not only in terms of boosting your intrinsic knowledge but also in terms of personality training in, for instance, assertiveness, communication and planning.

5. Collegiality
At ENTER you join an international ‘family’, working with motivated people like yourself. Within your own professional field and beyond. You will come to see your regard the people you work with as real colleagues. They are your faithful supporters. A permanent value in the midst of varying customers to which you are detached. You meet each other regularly and share experiences at formal and informal meetings. The formal meetings are intended mainly to share technical issues with your ENTER colleagues. At informal get-togethers ‘fun’ is key. Like our traditional go-karts evening: a fun time every time!


ENTER sets great store by sustainability. We aim for long-term relationships and realise that our employees are ‘key’.

  • You work for the top 100 high tech companies;
  • Invest actively in your personal development;
  • Share knowledge and work with motivated technical professionals;
  • Have good development and growth possibilities;
  • Can count on an excellent salary and good, customised employment benefits.


Thinking about a technical career in the Netherlands? ENTER specialises in accommodating expats. Many foreign colleagues bear witness to this: we have more than 20 nationalities within our staff and many have been recruited from abroad!

We realise that it is a significant step to move to the Netherlands to build a career and start a completely new life here. But there’s a good chance you will make a flying start and quickly feel at home. ENTER does everything it can to make this happen. And the Netherlands is very accessible for expats, with nearly everyone speaking the English, the language of many of our customers.

At ENTER we see it as our responsibility to help you on every front and to fulfil your personal desires. You can count on the following:

  • active support for moving house;
  • courses in learning Dutch;
  • help in finding accommodation;
  • ENTER will take care of the necessary permits;
  • ENTER will apply for the 30% tax scheme for you;
  • working for the top 100 high tech companies;
  • active investment in your personal development;
  • sharing knowledge and work with motivated technical professionals;
  • good development and growth possibilities;
  • an excellent salary and good, customised employment benefits.