ENTER Course 'Personal Effectiveness I'

ENTER Course 'Personal Effectiveness I'The course 'Personal Effectiveness I' takes place on Monday April 9th, Monday April 23rd and Monday May 14th.

We organise several courses throughout the year at our office in Eindhoven. The next scheduled course is 'Personal Effectiveness I' that consists of three evenings, which take place on: Monday April 9th, Monday April 23rd and Monday May 14th.

Standing up for your opinion, saying ‘no’ to a boss or a co-worker, asking for more information while you think that you’re supposed to be the expert, these are sometimes difficult aspects of your day-to-day work. They can consume a lot of your attention and energy and make you overall less efficient and even less effective. This first part of the training Personal Effectiveness focuses on just that: how to improve a number of basic personal skills that you need every day in a working environment. During the three evenings you’ll also learn how to keep track of your tasks in such a manner that you can concentrate on the core of your work. You’ll also get a chance to practice your skills on an actor to see how effective you can be.

You can find more detailed information about this course and all others in the course agenda 2018 which you find after logging in.

P.S. You can follow this training when you already attended 'Personal Effectiveness II'. Moreover, this part II is scheduled for Monday October 8th, Monday October 22nd and Monday November 5th.