ENTER Test Meeting

ENTER Test MeetingTo show our openness and willingness to meet with fellow professionals in the testing profession area, we organize a meet and greet event on Wednesday 16th May

This meeting will take place on Wednesday 16th May from 17.30-21.00h at our office (Beemdstraat 7, Eindhoven). We invite all ENTER community members who are professionals in Testing, System Testing or Software Testing. The goal of this event is to build a colleague network of testing professionals, to discuss testing developments and to discuss our positioning regarding this matter, like: 1. What do you think of these Test meetings and what would you expect (like subjects and/or presentations)? 2. What are topics in software testing which are more trending and might create opportunities? 3. How can we / ENTER colleagues help improving software testing skills? Of course we start the evening with a joined dinner and we end the evening with th possibility to have some chat over drinks.

We look forward hearing from you!

Koen Schilders l Account Manager @ ENTER Embedded
Bas Dekkers l Account Manager @ ENTER ST&I