ENTER Course 'Personal Effectiveness – part II'

ENTER Course 'Personal Effectiveness – part II'The course 'Personal Effectiveness II' takes place on Monday evening: October 8, October 22 and November 5.

We organise several courses throughout the year at our office in Eindhoven. One of the next scheduled course is 'Personal Effectiveness II' (the first one is ‘Influencing People’) that consists of three evenings, which take place on: Monday October 8, Monday October 22 and Monday November 5.

What can you expect from the course Personal Effectiveness – part II?
You know how to manage your time and your tasks. You know how to take a stand without hurting the feelings of someone else. Keeping track of all the different interests in a project, handling conflicts, and negotiations of any kind can sometimes be challenge. This second part of the training personal effectiveness is the next step to help you develop these skills. And also in this second part you’ll get a chance to practice with an actor to see how effective you can be in different situations.

You can find more detailed information about this course and all others in the course agenda 2018 which you find after logging in.

P.S. You can follow this training when you already attended 'Personal Effectiveness I', but that is not necessary. Moreover, this part I is scheduled for Q2 in 2019.