24 juni 2022

Algorithms and software for spectroscopy analysis

Case Anwar Koshakji Foto

Anwar has been working as a Scientific Software Engineer since February 2021at one of our clients in Eindhoven. Here he is working on a challenging assignment developing algorithms and working on software for a spectroscopy analysis.

Our client is, among other things, a worldwide supplier of scientific instruments such as transmission electron microscopes, also known as TEM. “Where a normal microscope works with light, a TEM works with electrons”, Anwar explains. With the TEM, you can find out, for example, which elements a certain material consists of. This is also called spectroscopy.

Anwar is therefore engaged in developing algorithms and software for this spectroscopy. Together with his team, he invents and develops new functionalities and improves existing functionalities. The aim is to use spectroscopy to collect as much information about the spectrum as possible in the most reliable way.

"The teams are very diverse, both in terms of origins and educational backgrounds."

Anwar / Scientific Software Engineer

Anwar and his team not only develop software, they also detect and solve bugs in the system. They also support the end users of the microscopes by answering their questions and troubleshooting. When the project is further advanced, Anwar will also participate in the team that will develop the Graphical User Interface. In the department where Anwar works, Application Software, there are more than 50 people working in different teams. Anwar: “Good communication is therefore very important. But I am happy to say that that is something we certainly have at Thermo Fisher”.