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What makes your heart beat faster? Seizing every opportunity. A great career prospect is about more than just work. It's also about personal development and enjoying what you do. While contributing to pioneering technologies, but also by taking part in a pub quiz. We work with you to see what suits you best and what you need. For us, that is what 'tech with a heartbeat' means!

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Are you an expat?

We realize that it is a big step to come from abroad to work and live in the Netherlands. We want to make that step as easy as possible for you. We are very experienced in accommodating expats. We see it as our responsibility to get you off to a good start as an expat in the Netherlands.

To get you started, we created this roadmap for you. If, after reading this, you need more information: please reach out to us!

Job application process

So, whether you're an expat or not: you've seen a great job opening at ENTER and decide to apply. That is step one. But what happens next? Because we can imagine that you are curious about this, we briefly summarize the next steps below. The process for the Software Development competency is slightly different from that for the Chemical, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics and Production Development competencies. You will find the process for these competences summarized in the flow chart 'Technology'.

Process Software Technology

Process Technology

Technology means progress. Continually finding ways to do things differently, to improve products, services, and processes. That is what makes the heart of every technology organization and tech professional beat faster. In the projects they are working on, but also for themselves. That means something different for each individual. For one person, it means being guided to their dream project; for the other, it means developing their skills. Making that possible is the human element. And that is what makes our hearts beat faster.

• 'We bring technology to life': some of our customers are real 'front runners' when it comes to technology. Innovative projects that have an impact. Our seconded colleagues play an essential role in this.
• 'We take the pulse, consistently': at the office, almost all of us also have a tech background, and we have a lot of contact with our clients and our people. We want to truly understand what drives them, where they want to grow and which projects fit perfectly with that.
• 'We'll make your heart beat faster': technology is not the only thing that makes your heart beat faster. We are a close-knit club with people that will make you feel at home; ENTER offers a place where 'work' and 'life' are both equally important.

OK, those are nice words, but what does that look like in practice?
We have an extensive network of attractive partners and clients where you can work on challenging and innovative projects. We will carefully work on the match between you and the client where you will be seconded. Of course, your wishes are taken into account when doing so. In addition, we will personally supervise your development. We will provide coaching for every project.

We work in small teams, each linked to one of our competencies. This means that your ENTER manager is always available to discuss your work; this manager is also your point of contact for everything that matters to you, whether that is the next step in your career or a training course, or any developments at your client or personal circumstances.

In your team, you work with committed people like yourself, both within your field of expertise and across disciplines. Your teammates are true colleagues. They are your trusted support system. You are considered a fixed value, even while you are seconded to different clients. You'll meet regularly at ENTER and share your experiences. For example, during training nights or when you are sitting next to each other at one of the workspaces in our office. You'll also get better acquainted with your ENTER colleagues during informal meetings, such as our annual Efteling Day, the summer barbecue or the Christmas party. And fun fact: the bar in our comfortable office kitchen is open every Friday afternoon!

At ENTER, you never have to be or feel left alone.

What makes our hearts beat faster?

Being the link between the personal motivations of your employees and clients. Providing ideas and delivering tailor-made solutions. Learning what someone needs and wants to know, both on a professional and personal level. It is offering them everything to realize this. For us, that is what 'tech with a heartbeat' means!

Your development is key to us
That's why we offer our people a wide range of training and courses, including:
Personal leadership

Leadership in cooperation

Time management

Problem Solving

Influencing people

Why others work here?
, Ramon, Aline and Frank like to tell you themselves.

Who is ENTER looking for?

Whether you've just graduated or have been working for a long time, we're happy to welcome you to our team!

The best possible start

When you have just graduated, working at ENTER will allow you to make a flying start in your professional life. At ENTER, you can give your career an instant boost. You have the opportunity to develop the scope of your talents and to develop your skills more in-depth at different companies. With each new challenge, you learn more about yourself: what do you want and need? We will support you in finding and implementing the answers to these questions.

We frequently need flexible capacity and/or specific knowledge. If you are interested in working for or with us as a freelancer, please contact us!