What makes your heart beat faster?

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We believe in the
potential of people to
push technology further

Technology means progress. Continually finding ways to do things differently, to improve products, services, and processes. That is what makes the heart of every technology organization and tech professional beat faster. In the projects they are working on, but also for themselves.

That means something different for each individual. For one person, it means being guided to their dream project; for the other, it means developing their skills. Making that possible, that is the human touch. And that is what makes our heart beat faster.


I like the combination of the theoretical and the practical aspect.

Milou started her employment at ENTER about a year and a half ago, with a secondment at Imec. Here she works as a Sensor Engineer, mainly at the High-Tech Campus lab in Eindhoven. Milou does not specifically work on one project, but on several projects at the same time.


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