24 juni 2022

An application for modelling soil layers

Case Pim Korten Foto

Pim started working for ENTER ten years ago and he still likes it. During those ten years he had the opportunity to work on various projects for Bosch, Philips and a large oil company. At the moment, he is still in his place at the large oil company.

Pim works at the large oil company on an application for modelling soil layers. This application is used by reservoir engineers and geologists, for example, to determine the best places to drill for oil. Pim's mathematical background fits in well with working with geological software. It involves many algorithmic and geometric problems.

‘’I need a lot of challenge and like to work on complex domains. That is one of the reasons why I work via secondment.’’

Pim / DevOps Engineer

As a software developer, Pim is currently occupied with automating workflows in the software. He is also developing an Application Programming Interface, or API, which other developers can use to automate their workflows as well. It is a complex domain and a gigantic software package, with up to sixty developers working on it. There is a lot of communication needed with other teams to set up one central API. It needs a lot of thought, because it has to be clear to everyone who is going to use it.