15 april 2021

Automation of testers and machines

Case Pins Nils

Nils works via ENTER at a company in medical technology. He is involved in the automation of testers and machines and linking them to the coordinating product information system (Manufacturing Execution System). This automates many manual actions, resulting in more speed and a reduction of errors.

As a project manager, Nils arranges all the essential elements, such as budget planning, development planning and implementation. In addition, he ensures that all preconditions are explicit and translated into technical requirements and that the team and all other stakeholders are always properly informed. He also identifies any issues and bottlenecks and ensures that the right people address them. In short, you could say that Nils performs a coordinating management function.

"I work with the latest technologies and make sure that others can optimize their performances. That sounds nice, right?"

Nils / Production Development

Nils is currently still working on the project, but some necessary steps have already been taken. Nils and his colleagues have developed a kind of library of functions that can run on (almost) all interfaces and can thus be linked to the coordinating product information system. The project, to which Nils contributes in the form of a facilitating role, is the next step in industrialization. "It suits me. I work with the latest technologies and make sure others can optimize their performances. That sounds nice, right?" says Nils.

For Nils, this project is one extensive learning process. He wasn't familiar with project management. He adds: "This is not something I would have predicted as a follow-up step after my training, and so I hadn't looked into it before. I've learned many things, such as making better connections with customers, knowing when they need what information, but also learning to identify the bottlenecks in the next steps of industrialization." Nils is proud of how fast he has grown and the responsibilities he has been given and earned. "I can now call myself a spider in the big web. Anyone who has a question about integration knows me and comes to me," Nils says.

In the future, Nils wants to gain more experience at the factory level. He adds: "I would also like to see what the options are within the production unit, so I can gain more technical experience and ultimately improve as a project manager."