24 juni 2022

IPad as a substitute for a base station

Case Arsha Shiri Foto 2

Arsha started a new project at one of our clients in March 2021. The aim of this project is to use an iPad as a replacement for a base station. This base station is part of a system that is used to check CTG data in hospitals and send it to the hospitals' servers. Values are read using a patch. Using Bluetooth, this data is sent to the base station.

The iPad replaces the base station and acts as a device for remote monitoring and display of CTG data. The iPad also sends the measured data to the hospital's server (Central Monitoring System or CMS). The size of the base station and the other facilities required to ensure connection to the patch and hospital servers are a problem, and so this can only be used in hospital environments. By replacing the base station with an iPad, this limitation is removed.

During this project Arsha is responsible for providing continuous integration of software developed in macOS. Arsha is also responsible for working on the backend part of the software. The backend is responsible for getting the raw data from the patch, sending this data to the AI algorithm and transferring the calculated data by the algorithm to the GUI of the iPad application and Milou. Milou is an application for the archiving of CTG data. It is a system that provides real-time data with status updates from every room in the hospital simultaneously.