30 september 2022

Future solutions

Patrick recently joined a company that develops electronics for smart mobility solutions, semiconductor solutions and connectivity as Lead Engineer. As Lead Engineer, he is responsible for the coordination of projects and for managing various engineers.

The focus of the company where Patrick works is on the development of future solutions for electric powertrains, charging infrastructure for electric cars, sustainable agricultural applications, digitisation of medical solutions and the production of microchips. The 2,500 specialists working for this company make these developments possible. The products offered by the company are made and delivered from start to finish in all disciplines.

Patrick is currently involved in various projects. The coolest project he has been involved in was a project for a multinational. This multinational has several branches in Asia and these branches suffered greatly from earthquakes. During the earthquakes, the machines often broke down and had to be replaced. Patrick was asked to think about solutions for this problem. Now the heavier parts of the machines are secured with magnets when there is an earthquake. According to Patrick, the biggest challenge in this project was its simplicity. Anything can be added to the machines like Bluetooth, but the hardest part is keeping the machines simple. It is very important to make what the customer actually wants.