30 september 2022

Feeding robot for cows

Case Arsha Foto 2

Arsha Shiri has been working at ENTER for almost one and a half years now. He took this step because he thought he could do interesting projects at ENTER and learn a lot from them. "And that came true," he says. He is currently working for an innovative company that develops solutions for (large) farmers.

"I studied Civil Engineering and then came to the Netherlands to get a Master's degree at TU Delft in Structural Engineering. And then I realised that I really wanted to develop software. Then I started as an engineer at a company where I could also do a bit of software and by studying and learning a lot and taking my chance at ENTER, I have now become what I wanted." And so now he designs software and fixes bugs.

"We actually go to the farms that use our software to install it on the spot. It's one thing to sit behind a computer and think of things, but it's totally different when you're there and see what the farmers need." Arsha is a member of the team that maintains the software for a feeding robot for cows. This robot takes food to the cows. Every cow has different needs for food. For example, one cow needs more food and another cow needs a different recipe. The farmer has a web interface for this and in this way he can set for each part of the barn exactly what the cows in that part need.