08 juli 2022

Working on an NH90 helicopter

Een Finse NH90 tijdens een luchtshow in 2021

Via ENTER, Hasan is working on the NH90 helicopter, a maritime (combat) helicopter that can operate from patrol vessels and air defence and command frigates.

He is investigating the 'stress' and 'fatigue' of the NH90's landing gear. Stress refers to the load placed on the material, and fatigue refers to the repetition of a certain load. The question is: 'How often can the material handle that? With a background in aerospace engineering, Hasan fits this assignment perfectly.

In addition, Hasan makes 'static strength' and 'fatigue' calculations for work that is 'non-recurring'. Hasan: "On the basis of static strength analyses, we determine the 'Margin of Safetys' and the 'Reserve Factors' of the stress-critical locations. We do this, for example, using Finite Element Method (FEM), or with hand calculations. With fatigue analyses we determine, among other things, the fatigue damage values of the stress-critical locations." This is about what the safety margin is within which work or adjustments to the landing gear can be done without affecting the quality of the landing gear.”

Another project that Hasan is working on is NH90 Air Transportability. “One of the countries that has the NH90 in its fleet would like to transport the helicopter using a transport aircraft (C-17). During such a transport, certain forces are exerted on the landing gear, which must be described and analyzed. The analyses must show that it is possible to transport the NH90." Within this project, Hasan is working on drafting a document describing the forces that occur and their impact on important factors of the helicopter.