12 mei 2022

Ünal Akyüz made a good start with a course at ENTER

Ünal Akyüz exchanged Turkey for the Netherlands not so long ago when he joined ENTER. To make a good start, he immediately followed a course 'Conversation Techniques for Successful Intakes'. To have a successful job interview, it is important to present yourself well and be proud of yourself and your skills.

Ünal: "I found it important to prepare myself well for the interviews I would be having via ENTER. After all, you're in a new country, in a new situation. And this course gave me good insights about myself. Expressing yourself as honestly as possible, for example, is an important key to success. Just like staying calm and keeping your stress level down."

Insights and tips that benefit everyone, but that become even clearer when you train them. At ENTER, we therefore regularly organize training courses for our colleagues. Personal development is one of the things we focus on.

Ünal Akyüz