28 juni 2022

André Kuipers speaks at inspiration session for customers

Last week we were finally able to welcome our customers back in person. And not only were they our guests, atronaut André Kuipers was also there to tell our customers and us an enthusiastic story about his experiences in space.

For more than an hour he spoke enthusiastically about his life in space and how space travel and technology are connected. For example, he went into more detail about the satellites in space and their functions. He also told everything about his personal route to space. He showed what an astronaut has to go through to go into space. For example, you must have a lot of knowledge about how the ISS (International Space Station) works and how it is put together in case something goes wrong. Also, as an astronaut you need to have a certain level of fitness. "You don't have to be a top athlete, but a bit of fitness is definitely needed with the conditions you're going to be in," André says.

He also took everyone with him into space using beautiful photos, many of which he took himself. He says; "If you want to take a picture of the Netherlands you have to be quick. You have about 8 seconds to take the perfect picture because of the speed the ISS goes around the earth. And if you miss the sunset, then you wait for 45 minutes and you have another chance to take a nice picture".

After André's interesting presentation, it was time for a snack and a drink on our own rooftop terrace. Meeting each other to catch up after a number of years in which that was hardly or not possible; all our guests enjoyed it and so did we ourselves!