24 januari 2023

Aniek Engelen new Business Manager Technology at ENTER Eindhoven

With her personality, she fits right into the team: Aniek Engelen (32), Business Manager Technology at ENTER in Eindhoven since January. "ENTER is also the only party I talked to when I decided in my previous job that it was time to look further afield."

That she would look further was actually a surprise to herself. "I was in a great place when I went on maternity leave. Ran a whole unit for a long time on my own, but went on leave with peace of mind because of the team that was there then. Rightly so, because when I came back, that team turned out to run more than fine without me. Super of course, but it did something to my satisfaction."

Getting a job elsewhere, however, was not yet on Aniek's list. "Via LinkedIn I got all kinds of requests, but I never accepted anything. Until I got a message from ENTER and my friend said, "Just go and talk, it will never make you worse." And that proved to be the case, because Aniek was immediately enthusiastic.

Right combination
Aniek: "At ENTER I retain what I liked about my previous job, such as the combination between contact with clients and with colleagues working at the client's company. Connecting people and companies and thus the link between the business and the human, that suits me well. And that's exactly what ENTER is all about."

She is therefore very much looking forward to getting to work with her new colleagues and clients. "You shouldn't put me in an office just to answer emails. I really need interaction to do my work with energy," Aniek says. "Also in private. I like lots of people and sociability around me."