11 januari 2024

Bas Breedveld new sourcer Software Technology

Bas (21) joined ENTER this month as sourcer for our Software Technology department. An ideal job next to his studies.

Bas studied human resource management, but found out at the end of his studies that a study in management appealed to him too. So he took a minor abroad that matched that direction and also already did a premaster in business economics. "In February I start a master's in international management and I was looking for a side job next to that, one that also ties in a bit with my studies."

Aleksandr, one of our other sourcers, approached Bas at exactly that moment via LinkedIn with a personal message. Bas: "The slogan 'Tech with a hearbeat' really appealed to me and when I then got into a conversation with Dieka, the recruiter, it immediately felt very familiar. That's how I aim to deal with people myself, so to be able to do my work that way when I'm looking for people for positions we have, that's very nice."

"It's also nice that you sit together in the office with your colleagues and have the chance to build personal relationships with each other," Bas continues. “Everyone also takes time for you. And in my second week we immediately started playing padel with each other, which is really cool. I am a sporty person anyway, even on vacation. I like to walk and cycle. Although of course it is also always very nice to have a beer with a friend or play a game."

Bas Breedveld