25 mei 2022

Ben, Jasper, Richard and Murat obtain Green Belt certificate via ENTER

Ben Mertens, Jasper Hoek, Richard van Hest and Murat Kalakoglu were able to toast their success on Tuesday 25 May: all four obtained their Green Belt certificates.

During this training they developed competencies to lead improvement projects and secure changes. "It was an active training with many practical examples", says Ben, looking back on the weekly sessions that took place 8 weeks in a row at the ENTER office in Eindhoven. Murat is also enthusiastic about it. "We had the book as a guide, but above all we could practice a lot. As a result, we now know how to put the 3-step method into practice. We can also use it to set up a business case."

Green Belt 2022
Ben, Jasper, Mark, Richard and Murat

Trainer Mark Pelzers is also enthusiastic about 'his' group from the past weeks. "The level was high and the sessions were very open." Mark Sidler, Operational Director of ENTER: "We like to offer this training to our colleagues, because it really adds value for them in their daily work. And thus also for our customers. That way the knife cuts both ways."

Green Belt 2022
The training took place at the ENTER office in Eindhoven