30 augustus 2022

Berry: "Secondment was a logical choice for me"

Berry Verschueren started his working life about one and a half years ago, after studying Computer Technology at Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven and a Master in Computer Science and Engineering at TU Eindhoven. "I was very young when I graduated from Higher Vocational Education, so following up with a Master's was a logical choice for me," he says. "And after that I didn't know where exactly I wanted to work, so secondment was also a logical choice." Now, through ENTER, he works in the semiconductor industry, at a chip machine manufacturer.

"I'm in the facilities team for a particular project. That team performs post-machining measurements on the machine and we facilitate software modules for the other teams. We are also responsible for the infrastructure of the machines; routers and firewalls etcetera. Everything to ensure that the peripherals of the machines continue to work properly. As a programmer, I participate fully in the team. I am also the expert on the network side: firewalls and switches."

Domain knowledge
Expert in a subfield or not, Berry is by far the youngest member of his team. "The experience of my colleagues is simply overwhelming. So I can learn a lot from them and incorporate a lot of their knowledge into my own experience. The first year was mainly about keeping my head above water and finding my way in this big company. Gaining domain knowledge. But now I am also someone people turn to for knowledge. That gives a different angle to the conversations I have with colleagues.

These days, Berry has these conversations at the office instead of at home. "Well, half of the time," he explains. "I work alternately in the office and at home. That creates a nice balance. At the office, I also see colleagues from other teams. That is interesting and fun, but also creates distractions that I do not have at home. So more or less half at home and half at the office is perfect for me."

Berry Verschueren
Berry Verschueren