30 juni 2022

Bjorn Koevoet: 'My work sometimes feels like Cluedo'

Since about half a year Bjorn works via ENTER at a large company within Brainport. He studied Applied Sciences at Fontys, but now he is a mechanical engineer. "I wanted to get away from the lab environment, more towards the production side. That suits me better than a research environment, because I'm more of a generalist than a specialist."

Bjorn works as a factory engineer and his role is very broad. "For example, a module that comes in may already be broken when it arrives. Where did that go wrong then? And how can we prevent that from happening in the future? We then not only assess the module, we also simultaneously do the administration around that module, we check the systems and we contact the buyers in our company. What papers do we need, for example? What are the technical issues? And how can we repair something in the clean room? I work with a lot of people on solutions every day.”

"I work with a lot of people on solutions every day"

Bjorn Koevoet

In his current assignment, he is responsible for two projects, in which production and quality are key. One project is all about making UV light, which they do by shooting a liquid tin ball into a vacuum space. Bjorn: "We shoot at it with a laser so that it explodes, and the energy that is released generates light. That light can be used to make chips. It is a very advanced machine and a complicated product that can still be improved. So, for me, it's a very dynamic project."


Bjorn: "In my other project I do more first-line support. This involves a very fast measuring device that can give an indication of the efficiency of chips very quickly. We are now working on the first prototype. Our customer drew them himself and we are building them. We are also involved in the development. I learn a lot from that!"

He continues: "On the one hand, I'm working on: how can we solve this now and how can I make sure that the next ten I get don't also have this problem. Then there's also logging, for example, and we have to see what we're going to do; do we keep it, do we fix it? It also all has to do with delivery time, cost, etcetera. You then face a lot of choices that you have to make with your team." It's almost like Cluedo, he says, referring to the game where you have to find out who committed a crime.

Bjorn Koevoet
Bjorn Koevoet

A number of fixed meetings are held every week, but Bjorn's schedule is also very fluid. Bjorn: "Then I think I can clear up some backlog issues today and after half an hour I get a call that there is a problem with the production and I have to go straight to the clean room. The trick is to ask the right questions at the right time. And sometimes that's exactly the hardest part. You want to enter a process as blankly as possible in order to look at a problem as objectively as possible."

Good click
Learning a lot at this point in his career; Bjorn considers that very important himself. "I also think the guidance I get from ENTER is really important. That's one of the reasons for me to choose secondment and at ENTER the click was immediately there! With Charlotte, the recruiter, but also with David, my manager at ENTER."

"The guidance I get from ENTER is really important. That's one of the reasons for me to choose secondment and at ENTER the click was immediately there!"

Bjorn Koevoet

In his spare time Bjorn is literally like a fish in the water during water polo; he puts a lot of his time and energy into that. Pragmatic as he is in his work: "When we weren't allowed to play sports in the evening during the corona period, we did it very early in the morning. For the greater good. Because if I feel good about myself, everything takes less energy. And that's not only good for me, but also for my colleagues and my client. And that in turn has an effect on each other, because everyone here is extremely willing to help. That also gives me energy. And when I have energy, then I go for it 400 percent!"