14 december 2023

Claudia van der Palen joins Technology team as Business Manager

Claudia van der Palen (33) is our newest Business Manager Technology. She previously worked for 5.5 years at a large staffing organization and recently switched to ENTER. "In my previous job, after all these years, I couldn't develop myself any further," Claudia says. "I know Aniek, one of the other Business Managers here, well. She noticed that I wasn't quite where I wanted to be anymore and suggested I have a go at ENTER and that's how I got to talk here."

At those talks, Claudia immediately felt at ease. "I can still learn a lot here and develop further, while I have exactly what I like about a job: contact with people and looking inside many companies. I will be supervising my own team of engineers, but there is also a sales side to my work and it is this combination that makes it interesting. In addition, ENTER is a very pleasant company, with nice people. It's very down to earth here and that makes me feel good. You get direction, especially in the beginning, but there is also a lot of room for your own interpretation."

Contact with people is also central to Claudia's private life. "I like doing fun things with my family and I like having drinks with friends. I like to travel and go on city trips regularly, but I have a 1.5-year-old son, so plans for now are a bit different. The plan was Japan, but it turned out to be a fairytale campsite in Overijssel with my boyfriend," she laughs. "But oh well, that was something completely different again and that's also hearty fun!"

Claudia van der Palen