19 mei 2022

The 5 astonishing advantages of secondment

As a professional in tech, the world is at your feet. Your job prospects are extremely good. So why would you choose secondment? I'd like to give you 5 good reasons!

To get started, I'll first explain to you what secondment is all about. Secondment is 'the lending of employees to a third party'. In practice, this means that someone is employed by a project organization, in this case, you will be employed by us. We look for your motivation and qualities as an engineer. In addition, we have several clients with capacity issues, who come to us with these. We then look at which projects will suit you, all in consultation, of course. If both our client and you are a match, you will start working for that client for a certain period of time.

You will be employed by us; we become your employer and give you a contract. Through us you will start working for a client. We will also take care of you as a good employer. Which means, for example, that we will arrange your pension well and that you can develop yourself professionally and personally through us.

In control
In any job, you can take control of your career and decide to change course. But when you work as a seconded employee, this is often just a little bit easier. If you would like to gain experience in another industry or develop yourself differently within your specialism, for example to become a team leader, there are plenty of opportunities. Opportunities that your manager at ENTER will be happy to explore with you.

Personal coaching
At ENTER, we work in teams, linked to one of our competences. As a result, you always have your own ENTER manager with whom you can discuss your work and who is also your contact person for everything that is important to you. Whether this is a next step in your career, a course you want to follow, developments at your client or personal circumstances: your manager will devote a lot of time and personal attention to you and your needs.

Through secondment you get the chance to look behind the scenes in many different companies and gain lots of experience. This gives you the chance to get to know different industries. You will also come into contact with various company cultures. This way you can discover what makes your heart beat faster. You will also learn to be flexible. And because you will come into contact with many professionals, you will build a network in no time. Very useful for the future!

At ENTER, we think building a network is very important. That's why you will meet your ENTER colleagues regularly to share experiences. During professional workshops, but also at informal gatherings like drinks parties and barbecues or our annual ENTER family day.

Professional community
The other side of that network, the clients' side, is of course also important. Thanks to our good relationships with our clients, we can open doors for you at various organizations in different industries. Companies that you would never have thought of yourself, or that you would not have expected to be able to get to work there quickly. In some large international companies it is sometimes more difficult to get in on your own, while we have the right contacts to get you to talk to the right people for the right job.

So think about secondment! Whether you have just left college and do not yet know what job suits you best, or if you are entering the labor market for the first time again after several years of working in one place: we would like to meet you.

Do you want to get to know us or do you need some more information? Then please contact me.

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Charlotte van Orsouw