10 januari 2023

Dirk van Brunschot new addition to team Technology in Eindhoven

He sort of hit the jackpot when he started at ENTER, because his first working day also included the ENTER Sinterklaas (Secret Santa) celebration. And that meant presents, but especially poems for each other. Dirk van Brunschot (29), laughing: "Then you get to know everyone very well right away!"

He felt at home immediately. "Starting somewhere else is always exciting, but I immediately had a good feeling during my conversations at ENTER!"

Dirk himself was approached by ENTER and that came at exactly the right time. Dirk: "I had been doing the same role at a staffing organization for several years and talking to another company never makes you any dumber, so I thought, 'I'll have a look'. From then on, however, things moved very quickly."

Unlike in his previous job, at ENTER Dirk can focus on multiple clients. "I expect that this will bring more variety to my work and also allow me to develop myself again."

Dirk's personal life is also about development. "Or rather entrepreneurship. I've always had my own businesses alongside my job, which is fun and gives me energy. Just like playing soccer with my friends' team. Becoming a professional soccer player wasn't in the cards," he laughs.