20 september 2022

Elena Asencio Lepe strengthens ENTER's back office

Meet Elena Asencio Lepe (47), our new HR employee in the office. From now on, Elena is responsible for the salary administration, registering new employees, time registration and billing of the secondment. "Furthermore, I help with checks and I am the contact person for colleagues who have questions about their hours", Elena says.

"A wide range of tasks," she continues. "But that is also the reason why I wanted to apply here. I take on the process from A to Z." That does mean that she has to learn a lot again. "I worked for the same company for 24 years, and at ENTER we work with different programmes. But that also gives me energy. You are never too old to learn or to choose for yourself. And I also bring a fresh perspective here, so I also take something back. With my experience and my questions, I can take ENTER a step further.

And her opinion of ENTER now that she has been working for a few weeks? "It's a really nice club and the colleagues are very helpful. What I like about ENTER is that I have enough time to help people. No one is a number here, neither in the office nor on secondment. "

Elena Asencio Lepe