27 oktober 2021

Once upon a time...

'Imagine: you've just graduated and for the job of your dreams you leave home to try your luck on the other side of the world. But once there, the dream turns out to be a nightmare and happiness very far from reach...'

With these words Remco Sturkenboom pulls us, his office colleagues, into his story. Remco is on the stage of the theater at Bex* Communicatie, where we are attending a Storytelling workshop with the entire office team. Under the inspiring leadership of three excellent story tellers we tell each other stories. Vacation stories to loosen up and work stories to bring out the power of a good story in each other.


Because with a good story you fascinate and connect people. And that is what we love to do at ENTER. All in our own authentic way, but with the core values of ENTER as the connecting factor. And what do we find? We hang on each other's every word all day long. We shed a tear and we laugh together. The workshop is very valuable in every way, not least because of the team-building aspect.

And what happened to the hero from Remco's story? Feel free to call him and ask him! He might have a good ending for you too in his book! (And keep an eye on our online channels, because we will of course write it down one day).

Team bij Bex* Communicatie
The ENTER office team listens to one of the trainers of Bex* Communicatie with great interest