23 november 2021

FMEA training: insight into risks that would otherwise remain under the radar

FMEA stands for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. "This is about how to structure a risk analysis," says Jasper Hoek, Junior Mechanical Engineer and participant in the training. An instructive training, he believes.

"At the customer I work for, I had already done a training in FMEA, but it was very theoretical. At ENTER we also participated in a workshop, where we solved a problem in groups. That gave more insight into the risk analysis itself and also into its variations." He therefore definitely recommends the training. "It gives you insights into the risks that would otherwise remain under the radar. So I think the training is really worthwhile, no matter what industry you work in."

FMEA workshop
FMEA workshop

The fact that this training took place during a period in which the students met live instead of online was an advantage for Jasper. Because of the workshop in which the participants got to work together, but also because it's nice to meet colleagues from ENTER who are working for other clients.