17 januari 2023

Frank Schrobben on 5 years of service: "ENTER had and has great assignments for me"

Time flies when you're having a good time. A saying that certainly holds true for Frank Schrobben. Already five years of employment with ENTER and still enjoying it. "I still don't know exactly what my dream job is, although I do know better and better what I don't want. ENTER has always had interesting and good assignments for me."

The latter was also one of the reasons he once signed a contract with ENTER. The contact had been there before, but Frank opted for another employer. However, that one turned out to have somewhat less suitable assignments for his knowledge and skills in the long run, and at an employer he ended up with later, it was also time to change again after 3 years. "And then Remco called," says Frank. At that time Remco was business manager for the Software Technology Team in Eindhoven and he contacted Frank again.

Frank celebrating his 5 years at ENTER

"So in the meantime that was over five years ago ... time flies like crazy." Frank says almost surprised. During those five years, he did a number of projects in technical automation at various companies. For example, he worked on a safety system in the process industry. Frank: "I made software to make the system go 'down' in a controlled way if something went wrong, so I was very close to the hardware."

No routine
On an assignment after that, he worked on microwave tubes for airplane microwave ovens. As an airline passenger, you don't know about it, but that too contains complex software. After that company was acquired by another company, he started on yet another project. "That is also the nice thing, you are employed by one and the same employer, but you can still do something different each time," Frank said. Now Frank works in semiconductor industry as software developer of a module that contains mirrors for the OV light generated by laser. "A very different kind of software engineering. It's very complex and the system is so big ... that requires very specific domain knowledge of the system and the tooling," Frank said. "Then again, that makes it interesting, I've been there for over 2 years now and my work is still not routine. It is so diverse and there are so many tools, there is always something that changes!"

Working on motorcycles is one of Frank's hobbies

Frank works 'hybrid' after the Corona period: 2 regular team days on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then another day, usually Mondays. "It’s a lot of traffic jams again but I really like the combination between working at home and in the office." When Frank works at the office, he can sometimes combine it nicely with something social at ENTER at the office. Like the summer barbecue or recently Software & Socials. "The set-up of this gathering was really nice! There was a sandwich ready, so you didn't have to listen to Ger Cloudt's presentation with a growling stomach. If you are interested in software, he is a very interesting speaker! And the food afterwards was again delicious and enjoyable. It's nice to meet other colleagues," Frank says.

Also fun, Frank thinks, is going to the shooting range. Frank: "That's really a big hobby of mine. I shoot in various disciplines of the KNSA, the Royal Dutch Shooting Sports Association, at a range near me. I shoot with a pistol at 25 meters and also at a rifle range for 50 meters. Somewhere else we rent another 100-meter range. Shooting for me is a kind of meditation. Because if you're stressed and rushed on the range, it doesn't go well at all. You really need your rest. And you can focus wonderfully on that drive."

Another of Frank's hobbies is tinkering with motorcycles. "Especially the tinkering, once it's running the fun is a bit off for me," he says, laughing. "It's mainly the curiosity to know how to overhaul and rebuild a block and the pleasure when it's done. The driving itself ... I often find that just a hassle. For safety, I really want to wear a suit and putting that suit on and taking it off is so much hassle!" And to drive between traffic jams now that traffic is busy again? "No, that's not relaxing at all! Then I choose the safety of the car."