19 maart 2020

Jeroen van der Holst celebrates 5 years at ENTER

Jeroen van der Holst has been working at ENTER for 5 years. We asked him why he once started at ENTER and of course why he still enjoys this so much.

"After graduation, I started doing postgraduatel research abroad. Working in the academic world means going to a different university every year. That's very interesting. It provides a lot of fun experiences and also personal growth. Still, I found out that it didn’t suit me very well. Postgraduate research also involves a large dose of luck. You actually have to have a good basis right away. I didn't like that in particular. Also I had been having a relationship for a long time and I wanted to get us a permanent basis somewhere. But I also wanted a job in which the scientific side would be very important.”

Jeroen van der Holst
Jeroen van der Holst

Not just a number

"I was already talking to a company when I came across the advertisement of Patrick van Noort from ENTER. He was looking for a Scientific Software Developer and that was completely in line with what I was looking for: developing scientifically based software. But that other company was also still there and in the meantime they had made me an offer... But somehow I didn't feel quite right about that, otherwise I wouldn't have looked any further. With Patrick I felt that click right away. He has a very personal approach, something that is important to make people feel like they're not a number, but someone who matters.”

Valuable trainings

"Patrick runs the Delft office, but invited me to the Eindhoven office at the time. There, too, I immediately felt at ease. It's a nice group of people. Not only the people at the office, but also my other colleagues who work for different clients. I really see them as colleagues. I like to see and talk to them. It's nice to catch up with them and exchange experiences. Because of Corona it's not possible right now, but normally ENTER makes sure there are plenty of opportunities for that, such as a New Year's Eve drink or a board game evening. And the annual visit with everyone to the Efteling, something I always look forward to. ENTER also makes sure that we can always follow trainings together with other colleagues. I always like to participate, because they really help me. For example, in developing my 'soft skils'; these courses give me insight into other people and also into my colleagues. I really find that very valuable.”

"Dat er regelmatig aandacht voor je is, dat voelt gewoon heel goed."

Jeroen van der Holst

Personal attention

"I talk to Patrick every month. He pays a lot of personal attention to his people. Is everything okay? What are you running into? Do things have to be different? Do you still have enough challenge in your work? Those are the kind of questions that come up in those conversations. Fortunately, it's not always necessary to talk extensively with each other, because apart from the fact that I've been working happily at ENTER for five years now, I'm also very happy with the client I am working for and the job I have over there. But the fact that there is a lot of attention for you as a person, just feels really good. And if there is something going on, you really don't have to wait for your monthly meeting. Anyone can always contact their ENTER manager. Especially now, in a situation that we've never experienced before, that's very good to know.”