26 juli 2023

Jim van Wetten new Business Manager Technology at ENTER Delft

Jim van Wetten (27) recently started as Business Manager Technology at our Delft office. With his background in communications, this may not seem a very logical choice, but it certainly is! Jim: "I wanted a commercial role in which contact with people is important. You find that in job placement."

That started for Jim with a role at a temporary employment agency, in the role of sales intermediary. "This seemed very interesting to me at the time, but I didn't really know what I was getting into. Soon I found that I thought it was really cool. Not just mediating people, but also everything that comes with it. Sales, negotiations and getting results. And besides helping people find a job, I also supervised the flex workers. That combination, that really made me very happy!"

That's convenient, because at ENTER he finds that combination too. And a little bit more. "I was looking for more of a challenge in client and candidate interviews and I have a lot of interest in technology, so then I thought: maybe I can find that overall picture somewhere. I was approached by a recruitment company and they presented me with several options, including ENTER. I really had a good feeling about that right away."

Jim is looking for development for himself as well, and that's what ENTER can offer him. "They’re nice people who combine getting results with having fun. It's not about status here, it's not elbow work, but a company that passionately stands for something that suits me. And the distance The Hague - Delft is super easy to do!" The latter is important to Jim because he lives in The Hague.

In his spare time he can be found on the soccer field, nowadays in a team of friends with an important third half, but he used to play a bit higher. He also watches soccer: in England or in the stands at Feyenoord. He also plays squash and likes to get on his racing bike. With his girlfriend, with whom he lives together, Jim enjoys going out for dinner or camping. Together they take care of Freek, their dwarf poodle.

Jim van Wetten