11 november 2021

Cuddling cows as a test engineer

"I really love it!" Coen Huijbrechts' enthusiasm about his job oozes from his pores. Since September 2021, he has been working through ENTER at Lely, an international family business that develops innovative solutions for livestock farming.

"That means I devise and carry out tests to see if certain components or configurations work as they should and to see if they can withstand certain weather conditions, for example."


A few days a week, Coen exchanges the Lely office for a workplace at 'the farmer' to carry out live tests. And he loves doing that. "Walking around outside, petting cows, playing with the pets that walk around... It's long days of often 11 hours in a row, but it's really fantastic."

Coen bij de Koeien

He never expected to do this work, but his manager Daan Breider knew to make him enthusiastic right away. "I came into contact with Daan via LinkedIn when I responded to a vacancy at ENTER and he thought this job at Lely would be a good fit for me. After he explained to me what it entailed, I thought so too. So now I go to work every day happy."

Coen continues: "Daan not only knew how to make the right match for me, but he also encourages me to do courses that ENTER offers. For example, I recently took the Personal Effectiviness course, where I learned how to use body language effectively. That was very fascinating."

And also enjoyable, according to Coen. "At the training courses you also meet other people who work via ENTER. It's nice to exchange experiences with them."