18 april 2024

'Delighted to be working as a Business Manager!' - Meet Bas Rosendaal

He really enjoys networking and dealing with people in his work was high on his wish list. And so Bas Rosendaal (29) fits in perfectly with ENTER in his new role as Business Manager.

Bas came across the job opening at ENTER through LinkedIn. "I just finished my studies in Commercial Economics/Marketing Management and was very much looking for what would suit me. I was interested in secondment, but only if I could do so with personal attention for the candidate. And that's exactly what ENTER is all about."

Before his HBO study, Bas worked as a back office employee at a wholesaler for a while, something that reasonably matched the MBO education he did after high school. Bas: "After that education, I went traveling for a year. That is also one of my hobbies. But after that, of course, I had to replenish my financial buffer. That also gave me time to think about my next step and that became Commercial Economics."

That he was a little older than his fellow students didn't bother him. "I had a really good time and built a great network. I helped organize the intro week and mentored other students. In addition, I found the study very interesting, committing to it was easy," he says. "But," he concludes, "now it's time to get down to business!"

Besides traveling, Bas loves his girlfriend and their cat, good food and drink and squash.