17 november 2020

Meet Brigitte Schouten: ENTER's new Controller

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"I wasn't looking for a job, but for an interesting position, in a nice team and in a progressive organization.” Meet Brigitte Schouten, Controller at ENTER since a few weeks.

"I chose ENTER because the people are central, there is an open culture and all the colleagues are very approachable."

Brigitte Schouten / Controller

"During my first interview here, I immediately felt at home. For me it is important that I can find myself in the brand and the organization and that I work in a dynamic field and office. Based on my passion and ambition in the field of finance, processes and IT, I like to work for a company that continues to develop and that is future-oriented, so that I can contribute to that future. In addition, I have chosen ENTER because in this company it’s all about the people working here, there is an open culture and all colleagues are very accessible. Also, everyone here gets the freedom to contribute their own ideas, whether they are function related or not. Of course it's a pity that we are now mainly working from home, but I still notice how well everyone gets along with each other.”

Brigitte Schouten
Brigitte Schouten