05 oktober 2023

Meet Elke Willems, our new team member on marketing and communications

Elke joined our marketing communications team this month. Allthough we better say: she officially joined, because 1.5 years ago she started working in a part-time job in the team next to her studies. This suited both her and ENTER so well that Elke chose to graduate at ENTER. For this she researched the social media usage of ENTER's target group.

By now, she knows the company through and through and with her talents and personality she is a valuable asset to the marketing communications team and to ENTER as a whole.

Elke: "From the very first moment, I felt at home at ENTER. It was great that I could also graduate here alongside my part-time job. Not only because I like it here, but also because I could do interesting research and then come up with my own implementation plan based on the results. The fact that I was offered a contract here after my graduation also means that I am closely involved in the implementation of my plan. Normally you have to let go after an internship or your studies, I don't have to. That is interesting and also means I can still learn a lot. And of course it is also a compliment if the company of your internship really wants to keep you! I started working now for real and that feels good."

Elke Willems