25 maart 2021

Michiel Zweistra looks back on 10 years with ENTER

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Michiel loves metal, both to listen to and to play, and he suffers from GAS: Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. For his ten-year anniversary at ENTER, Account Manager Perjan surprised him with a bottle of single malt whiskey, because he knew Michiel likes that as well. In the time Michiel has been working at ENTER he has had several managers. First Mark, then Koen and now it is Perjan's turn. Perjan says: "Michiel gets a lot done and he is very professional. He goes his own way, something that works really well for him."

In the conversation with Perjan, Michiel explains how he ended up at ENTER ten years ago. "I knew Mark from a company I worked for before and he approached me, because he was looking for people for ASML. ENTER is not the only company I had contact with at that time, but for me ENTER turned out to be the best party. I even brought a number of colleagues with me."

Michiel Zweistra surprised by Perjan Kuijten
Michiel Zweistra surprised by Perjan Kuijten


For the first few years Michiel worked at ASML, then at Philips for a while and now he has been back at ASML for two years. At ASML, he did various assignments. However, after the first period he wanted something new and so he ended up at Philips. He was given a lot of freedom there and was able to do a lot of different things. To this Michiel adds: "I like a lot of freedom in my work. You shouldn't micro-manage me, because that doesn't work for me."

Michiel continues: "The nice thing about ENTER is that you are presented with options for different types of jobs that you wouldn't come up with so quickly otherwise. You also have the feeling that you can switch more easily if you want to do something new. In addition, you don't have to search for a new job yourself as much, which makes it easier."

"The nice thing about ENTER is that you are presented with options for different types of jobs that you wouldn't come up with so quickly otherwise."

Michiel Zweistra

Valuable knowledge
Michiel is currently working at ASML (again). He is now working a lot on updating processes and improving the way of working and suchlike. He says: "You could call it process improvement, but that's not really it. If you have to put a term to it then, DevOps is the most appropriate, I think. I'm developing what's to come."

Perjan adds: "Michiel can make a good contribution to making the organization future-proof. In addition, Michiel's knowledge is very valuable to his colleagues in the field. We are now looking at whether we can do something with it. If we could, we would prefer to clone him."


Michiel continues: "I am interested in technology and very inquisitive by nature. I like to know how things work. In addition, I try to stay involved with my colleagues and I like to come to social gatherings, such as the barbecue." Furthermore, Michiel likes to have a drink with friends. Besides whiskey, he also likes a good old port. The oldest port he has at home is 50 years old. “But I am saving that for when I turn 50 this year, just like one of my friends. That will the right occasion to open and drink it.”