04 augustus 2022

Milkica Jovicic took away some good tricks and tips at the course ‘Presenting your ideas’

Milkica Jovicic works via ENTER at a research institute; the perfect place to pitch your own ideas. But how do you get them across in a good way and enthuse other people too? Milkica: “I wanted to know if there are there any tricks that help to pass on my own enthusiasm about an idea to someone else and bring the idea a few steps further towards realization. That is why I took the opportunity to take the course ‘Presenting your ideas’ when ENTER offered it to me.”

During two evenings Milkica and a few of her colleagues were given tricks and tips on how to present their ideas in the best way. Milkica: “I received useful information about what to be careful about, and some tricks about changing the tone of my voice and using my hands. I learned that, based on the topic, I should learn how to balance between a serious and an enthusiastic approach, as the final outcome might depend on it.”

Milkica has many opportunities at work to practice what she learned. “This means for example, that beforehand I’ll divide my presentation into an ‘enthusiastic’ and a ‘serious’ part. I would always recommend this course to others because very often we are not aware that only a few tricks separate us from our idea realization. Of course, given the idea is good”, she adds laughingly.

Milkica Jovicic