11 augustus 2022

Niek Philipsen: "During the training Leading by Example you learn how to give constructive feedback”

“I would do this training a second time.” Niek Philipsen is a Software Engineer at one of our customers. He took the training 'Leading by Example' at ENTER, which focuses on people who offer solutions, think along with the customer and show initiative. The training helps them to pass on these values to their colleagues. Communication is very important and in order to practice this properly, an actor is used during the second day.

Niek: “The first evening you get a lot of theory and an extensive explanation. I found that very pleasant. The second evening, you put the theory into practice with an actor. That makes it easier to remember what you’ve learned. Using your own example, the trainer and actor take you step by step to the point you want to reach.”

Niek himself wanted to learn how to give feedback to a colleague in a good way. "What can I do so that the other person reacts in such a way that we can have a constructive conversation? That was my core question. During the training I learned that it works best if I keep it to myself and I am now more aware of how my behaviour may affect the other person. That is a really positive experience. I can therefore recommend this course to everyone. In fact, if I ever find myself in a situation where I think this course could help me again, I would simply repeat it."

Niek Philipsen
Niek Philipsen