20 april 2023

New Business Manager Software Technology: Daan Boonen

Our Software Technology Team in Eindhoven is growing! With the latest addition of Daan Boonen (25) as Business Manager.

"I got my first degree in ICT at college, because developing technology really appealed to me. However, during the course it turned out that software engineering wasn't for me really. I found out that I wanted to do something with a lot of human contact, so I went to study Marketing Management in Eindhoven," says Daan.

He then went on to complete a Master's degree in Information Management at Tilburg University. He then worked part-time as a data analyst and CRM marketer, before traveling through Asia for several months. Daan: "After that I thought: it's okay now, now I'm going into business!"


With his interest in people and in the world of technology, he started looking for account manager positions in IT. And then he saw an ad from ENTER. "Secondment immediately appealed to me, because then you work a lot with people. Fortunately, I was allowed to come for an interview and the click was there from both sides." Daan had several more applications pending at that time, but still chose ENTER. "ENTER and the people with whom I had interviews really stuck with me. I luckily also stuck with them," he laughs.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing darts in the local league in the village where he lives. There he also does a lot of volunteer work. "In a village, everything runs on volunteers. I like to contribute to that."

Daan Boonen