26 mei 2021

Our new website is live!


After months of developing, designing, creating content and testing, the time has finally come... We proudly present: our new website!

With this new website, we give ENTER a fresh digital look and feel, completely in line with our corporate identity. And ENTER will be even more accessible for everyone. Please read on before you look at the rest of the website, because a number of things are new or changed.

First of all, we now work from 7 competencies (formerly business units): Chemical, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Physics, Production Development and Software Technology. You can read all about what each competency entails on the new competency page.

Furthermore, you can also get to know our team in the office better. On our 'about us' page you'll find an overview of the team and you can find out more about each team member. At ENTER, we not only want to get to know you better, but we also think it's important that you know who we are. Our team is very approachable. Contact details are provided for each member, so you can easily reach the person you want to talk to.

Applying for a job still works the same. However, you can now search for vacancies in a more targeted way and there is a new option to request more information about positions before you apply.

Finally, in addition to news items, you can now also find interesting cases on the website. In these cases, our seconded colleagues tell you more about their assignments at our clients and show you what it's like to work at ENTER.

We are very happy with this new fresh look for ENTER and we hope you are too!