01 september 2022

Nils about his project at Eyrise: ‘This is just super cool!’

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For a few months now, Nils has been working as a Process Engineer at Eyrise, a company that specializes in glass that can switch to sun protection or privacy glass in an instance. His work varies every day, but mainly focuses on improving the production process within Eyrise. "And if there is a problem somewhere, I am there to solve it," he says with a laugh.

At the start of his career, Nils wanted to work on different projects. He did not know exactly what direction he wanted to go in, so he wanted to look at different opportunities. Secondment was the solution for him. Nils chose ENTER, because here he had more opportunities for long-term projects. Before Nils started at Eyrise, he worked at a multinational as a project manager via ENTER. Here, Nils realized that his next step should be at a smaller organization, where he expected to be able to make more of a mark. And that became Eyrise.

Eyrise in Veldhoven

Liquid crystals
Eyrise is a young organization that focuses on sustainable solutions for dynamic sun protection and privacy glass. The windows that Eyrise produces contain liquid crystals that are also known from the display industry. This makes Eyrise's products changeable at the touch of a button. Eyrise offers two different product types: eyrise® Instant Solar shading Glass and eyrise® Invisible Privacy Glazing. At the touch of a button, the Solar shading glasses reduce the light intensity and therefore at the same time also the amount of heat that comes from the sun. They also create soft natural light. Invisible Privacy Glazing creates, of course, privacy. Very handy if, for example, in an office you want to offer a very open structure and design to your employees, but at the same time you want to ensure that there can be privacy in a meeting room.

Eyrise privacy glas
Privacy in a meeting room

Within 1 second, the properties of the glass change. “That's super cool”, says Nils enthusiastically as he demonstrates it in the Eyrise office in Veldhoven. Another advantage, he says: “The windows also reduce energy consumption for cooling or heating the building.”

Nils' work varies from day to day and that makes his job very dynamic. "My whole day can change in five minutes", says Nils. "There may be a problem in the production process, then I get a call and start working on it". To solve these problems, Nils works together with a team of engineers, but he also has good contact with all his other colleagues. One of the most important things that Nils works on is what effect a change in the process can have.

When Nils takes us through the production process, he cannot stop smiling. In between, he talks briefly to his colleagues about the process and about adjustments that he and his team have made. Nils may have only recently started working on his project at Eyrise, but he knows the process from A to Z and back.

Nils Eyrise 2 ENG
Nils knows the process from A to Z

In the showroom he shows all possibilities. He explains: "Many of our competitors only offer windows with an undesirable blue tint. With our process, we have a color-neutral window as standard, but the possibility of using different colors. That, together with the fast switching, are some of the things that set us apart". Nils uses a tablet to give a short demonstration of what can be done with the Eyrise windows, which have been used all over the building.

Currently, Nils is working on improving and speeding up the degassing process of the liquid crystal using vacuum. This gas can cause problems during the filling process that are later visible in the glass. "And that's not what we want," says Nils. His physics background comes in handy in his work. For example, in understanding the process and making links between different challenges. For the time being, he still feels at home at Eyrise.

Solar shading