20 april 2021

Project Engineer Menno Goedhart is completely in the right place

Afbeelding Festo

In 2017, Menno Goedhart completed his Aerospace Engineering studies and then went to work as a software engineer. After two years, however, adventure beckoned and Menno left for South Africa, Canada and New Zealand. There he worked half-time and traveled around the rest of the time. At the end of January 2020, he returned and started applying for jobs. Through LinkedIn he came across a number of vacancies and the very next day he received a message from a recruiter. Today, this adventurous dog lover has been employed by ENTER for almost a year.

For Menno, ENTER was interesting because of the technical challenge and the chance to be in multiple places in the industry. "But what really was the deciding factor for me was the longer duration of projects at ENTER's customers," Menno says. And so he decided to sign the contract.

"I like technique and hightech, but for me there has to be a human component as well"

Menno Goedhart / Project Engineer


Through ENTER, Menno works at Festo, a German multinational in the field of automation and control technology. There he is a project engineer and often busy with software. Menno explains: "You have customers who, for example, want a special or large numbers of a certain product at one time. The salesman sends these customers on to me as an engineer and I see how their request matches with Festo’s capacity. We are able to do smaller adjustments here ourselves and then I actually draw them myself. In fact, I'm a project manager and project engineer in one." Menno really enjoys this variety. He adds: "I like technique and hightech, but I also want to have a human component to it. I like to get to know my colleagues better. Having conversations with colleagues in other functions as well and learning things from each other; I find that very valuable."

Menno Goedhart
Menno Goedhart

Volunteer work
In addition to his work for Festo, Menno performs volunteer work for an animal shelter in Breda. He used to go there once a week. From half past eight to half past ten in the morning he was busy cleaning the cages, then he went to play and walk with the dogs. "I am there purely for the help," Menno says. Now, unfortunately, he can be there less often. Many people sit at home because of corona, so they are more inclined to get a dog. This means there are far fewer dogs in the shelter. Menno continues: "Moreover, because of corona there is a maximum number of volunteers allowed. That's why I only go once a month now." During this time, Menno also does a lot from home. He regularly walks his parents' dog. "I sometimes steal him for an afternoon," he says, laughing.

"I do want to keep doing the same kind of work, but a bit more technical. That would be a nice step for in a few years"

Menno Goedhart / Project Engineer

Future vision

In terms of work, Menno is in a unique situation. After all, he has an assignment for an indefinite period of time. "For now, I'm in a good place and I'm completely satisfied." In the future, he would like to take a technical step up. "I do want to keep doing the same kind of work, but a little more technical. That would be a nice step for a few years from now."