24 februari 2022

Quick van Rijt: totally happy at ENTER

After various projects in fields such as security, defence, aerospace and the metal industry, the experienced technical writer Quick van Rijt was looking for a new challenge. And just at the right moment ENTER came along and asked him if he wanted to work for Shell. That was exactly the challenge Quick was looking for! In his search for a new job, he had done a test to find out what would suit him best. And it turned out that the oil industry was perfect for him!

And sure enough: not much later Patrick van Noort offered him the job at Shell and everything fell into place. The choice for ENTER was also quickly made. Quick had an immediate connection with Patrick and he had always liked working on secondment. Quick: "Especially the possibility to explore different companies and departments is an advantage."

Topic-based writing

At Shell, Quick is involved in automating documentation and supervising software writing processes. He also teaches his colleagues how to write. "Everyone always uses their own way of formatting. You can never get that standardized. In addition, developers are often used to writing from their own side and not from the users' side," says Quick. He therefore makes a lot of use of topic-based writing. With topic-based writing texts are structured around certain topics that can be mixed and reused in different contexts.

Quick van Rijt

Quick explains, "Before, everything was based on Word documents in which the chapters were built in a fixed order. Topic-based writing is more like a website: you can hyperlink and jump between individual topics." Topic-based writing makes it much easier for Quick and his colleagues to write new texts. Anyone can now write or expand pieces on their own, and a new module is created in no time. Any information you need can be easily filtered from the system.

Shared passion

Making difficult things easy is what makes Quick's heart beat faster. That is why he also likes to work with 3D models and simulations. "With these you can make complex situations visual and understandable for everyone." He also does a lot with electronics and technology at home, and he shares that passion with one of his sons. They can discuss it together, challenge each other and learn from each other. "I'm very proud of him when he talks about his work."

"Especially the ability to work at different companies is an advantage of secondment"

Quick van Rijt / Technical Writer at ENTER

Another of Quick's passions is volleyball. In addition to playing leagues and coaching teams, he sometimes experiences something exciting in the sports hall. For example, he and his daughter resuscitated a boy using an AED. Because Quick had taken a BHV course, he knew exactly how to act and the boy saved. Later, the boy invited Quick and his daughter to dinner as a thank you for helping him. "You should just be able to do that for other people," Quick believes.

Quick van Rijt 2

By the way, Quick is not only involved with the people around him in that way. At ENTER he is always a welcome guest at barbecues and pub quizzes. He participates in every activity and wears all ENTER merchandises. He even takes them with him on vacation! He is also very involved with his ENTER colleagues and likes to think along with them. For example, how 'tech with a heartbeat' can be brought to life in electronics.