22 mei 2024

Silvaan den Boer Appointed New Business Manager in Delft

Silvaan den Boer (25) has recently started working for ENTER Delft as a Business Manager Technology. This role suits him for several reasons, but mainly because he enjoys working with people. “My previous job was similar; I was also involved in recruiting and guiding people as well as securing assignments. That suits me well. Especially the customer contact is where my strength lies.”

So why did Silvaan decide to switch to ENTER? “My previous employer was a large corporate company, and I find it exciting to now work for a smaller independent company. I was looking for a position where I could genuinely contribute my own ideas, and I found that here.” Silvaan did not make this decision lightly. “I had many job interviews, but I wanted to be absolutely sure that I would be in a good place with room for personal entrepreneurship. But also where people are truly at the heart of the company."

This all fits well with Silvaan’s background. When he left school at 17, he went on to study HR. “However, I found HR a bit too soft and discovered that I had more affinity with marketing & sales. That's why I switched my studies. During my studies, I worked in sales and later at Coolblue as a social media and product specialist. In that role, you also come into contact with a lot of people. That energizes me.”

Silvaan also gets energy from playing football. After playing in his club's youth teams his entire life, he now plays in a friends' team. “Additionally, I also coach goalkeepers in the youth teams, all ages together, so they can learn from each other.” He is also musical. In his youth, he played bass guitar, saxophone, and had been in a band since he was 14. “I am really a social person, and music is a part of that.”

Silvaan den Boer