18 april 2023

Software & Socials: more about GitHub

Sharing knowledge, being inspired, meeting each other, catching up, eating together. That's what it's all about during our Software & Socials. This time Rob Bos, GitHub trainer at Xpirit, stopped by to tell about thirty of our software professionals more about GitHub.

Many programmers worldwide use GitHub because it is a very good version control system. GitHub is a central place where lots of programmers and teams manage their projects. Many projects are open source and can be viewed and modified by anyone. In doing so, it is possible to fall back on an old version if necessary, should something go wrong.

The evening with Rob was instructive and interesting. But seeing each other again also provided inspiration for everyone. That is also the nice thing about being seconded via ENTER: you regularly meet colleagues who work for other clients on other projects and with whom you can exchange ideas.

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